Manuscript Evaluation 2008

Rules and Guidelines

  1. Manuscript deadline--postmarked by April 15, 2008
  2. Must be typed, double-spaced, on plain white bond (copy) paper
  3. One side of paper only with title and page number in upper right corner of every page
  4. Cover sheet with author name, address, phone number, story title, approximate word length
  5. May be first 30 pages of a novel-length work, or up to 30 pages of a short story.
  6. Only one work per critique fee
  7. Critiques will be provided for registered attendees only at the conference.
  8. All critiques will be performed by published mystery writers/editors.
  9. Send two copies of manuscript and a self-addressed stamped post card along with your $35 critique fee
  10. Be sure to retain a copy of your final manuscript. The Bloody Words Conference will not be responsible for works misaddressed or otherwise lost in the mail.

Manuscript Critiques

This service is open only to registered attendees of Bloody Words. Sometime during the conference, you will have a half-hour meeting with a published mystery writer (or editor) who will go over your manuscript with you in detail.

Please print and detach form below; enclose with TWO COPIES of your manuscript (postmarked by April 1, 2008)

Bloody Words Manuscript Critique Request
Please fill out and print the form from your Web browser, then mail to the address below: Thanks.
City/Prov/Postal Code:
Day Phone: Evening Phone:
Fax: E-mail:
Manuscript Title:
Novel or

Short Story

Category:    Private Eye (paid)    Private Eye (Amateur)    Cozy    Suspense/Thriller      Action/Adventure     Historical     Police Procedural    Courtroom/legal thriller     

Psychological suspense      Romantic suspense     Espionage     Young Adult

Enclose $35 fee made payable to Bloody Words, and mail with TWO COPIES of your manuscript to:

Sylvia Maultash Warsh
50 Rondeau Drive
Toronto, ON M2H 1R7

Update: December 2, 2008