Bloody Words 2010

Request for an Appointment with an Agent

To register for an apointment with an agent, please fill out this form from your browser, print and mail to the Bloody Words Address below.

This service is open only to registered attendees of Bloody Words. Sometime during the conference, (usually on Friday evening) you will have a fifteen minute meeting with an agent, to pitch ideas and discuss representation. No manuscripts shall change hands. This is on a first come, first served basis, so get your form in early if you want a spot!

Request for appointment with Agent


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Day Phone:    Evening Phone:   
I am: an unpublished mystery writer published mystery writer published in other than mystery
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Please note type of book:  Private Eye (paid)   Private Eye (Amateur) Cosy Suspense/Thriller Action/Adventure

 Historical  Police Procedural Courtroom/legal thriller   Psychological suspense

Romantic suspense  Espionage Young Adult

BLMail completed form to:

Susanna Kearsley

32 Geddy Street

Whitby, ON L1P 1P9

Update: November, 2007